Stop Throwing Food Away. How long does Food Really Last? Truth About Discount Stores

Did you know that the average American threw out over $640 dollars worth of good food every year?  The reason is expiration dates on food. A lot of people think that food is not safe to eat after the dates listed on food.


Let’s discuss what these dates mean.

Use by Dates or Sale by Dates: Refer to best quality and aren’t safety dates. It is the last day that the manufacturer will vouch for quality.

Food expiration dates are NOT required by Law. The only food that is required by law to have a date is Baby Formula.  The only foods that can’t be sold after the expiration date is Baby Formula.

These dates cause a lot of unnecessary waste when it comes to food.  People are throwing out perfectly good food everyday?

Did you know they have Discount Grocery Stores that the goods that they sell are normally expired goods.These Discount Grocery Stores can save you a ton of money.  They sell a wide variety of food at largely discounted prices.  They are under the same restrictions as any other store and will not sell anything that isn’t safe to consume.

This is an example of an item that I found at my local discount grocery store.  This Near East Rice is priced 3 for $1.00.

walmart 008

It’s over $1.00 each in regular stores.

This is another example.  My daughter loves this, Angie’s Boom Chick A Pop. It’s priced at 2 for $1.00.

walmart 007

It’s over $3.00 dollars in regular stores.

I can’t get savings like this even when using coupons.

This is just a small fraction of items that can be found at discount grocery stores.  Use google and see if you have any in your area.  It is definitely worth checking out!

For more resources on expiration dates:

Let’s stop the waste.









    • says:

      We have one bakery nearby and the prices are amazing!! I wish we had Amish stores around for the bread and bulk spices.

    • says:

      Glad to hear. 🙂 I do believe there is so much waste in America. It can certainly be reduced. 🙂

  1. Gilian says:

    How I wish we have this in our place. =) Anything to save money. =) I often go to the main suppliers where small stores or shops buy their supplies knowing that prices are lower there. =)

  2. Lisa Sell says:

    Such useful tips. In England supermarkets are finally starting to sell ‘ugly’ fruit and veg – the fruit that isn’t the ‘perfect’ shape but tastes just the same. It’s just starting so hopefully it will catch on as throwing away produce because it’s a little bent or misshapen is ridiculous!

    • says:

      That’s good they are starting to sell the fruit. 🙂 I agree it is very wasteful to throw it out because it’s not in perfect condition.

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