Penny or Pot?


I had a hard time coming up with a name for my blog which I am sure all bloggers do when starting. I wanted my name to reflect what my blog was going to be about. I wanted my blog name to shout, “If you love saving money and want to learn then this is the blog for you.”  I have also been frugal and found every creative way possible to save money and live to the fullest.  I want to focus on joy in life and finding creative ways to do things you love while saving money!

In the end I choose the name inforapennyin4apound because I go all in when it comes to saving money.

The other name I was tossing around was, A Pot to Pee In.  When I was younger my mother always used this southern expression about her childhood growing up.  She grew up in a large family with 12 siblings and would say they didn’t have a pot to pee in.  I guess that always stuck out and I have always made it a point to be careful with money.


So what do you think? Can a blog name really shout what it’s going to be about? Do you like inforapennyin4apound the one I choose or apottopeein better?


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