New Items Found at Dollar Tree. Fall and More

Fall Dollar Tree New

I was in Dollar Tree today and found some really great new items.  They had a lot of new fall items! I purchased the following items.:

Pumpkins:  I purchased the two pictured above.  I really love the colors they have this year.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Sign:   I am most likely going to use this on my back door.  I’m really impressed. I would expect to find this item somewhere like Hobby Lobby for a higher price.

Dollar Tree Sign

Bells:  They had two different colors available.  I am going to hang this with the sign on my back door.

Storage Bin:  I love this storage bin!  It is almost the size of a shoe box. They had three different colors, Black, Brown, and Biege. I purchased four of the brown. I love that these come with a lid.  I am going to use these to store my wax melts.  I have a bit of a wax obsession, and this is bin is the perfect container to store it all.

Dollar Tree Bin

One other item I found was the following My Little Pony Toys.  These normally sell for around $3.00 dollars in stores.  The prices on Amazon range from $2.00- $5.00.

Dollar Tree My Little Pony

Next time your in Dollar Tree keep an eye out for these items.

What are some of your favorite fall items from the Dollar Tree?

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