Natural Face Wash to Natural Face Scrub DIY

I love face scrub, but I also try to be aware of some of the harmful chemicals that can be found in some products.  That’s why I decided to kinda make my own.

I say kind of because I took a cleanser I already use and added an ingredient to the mix.  I didn’t want to make it entirely from scratch.  What I used was a natural Castile Soap and Poppy Seeds.

What is so fantastic about this is that you can use the Facial Cleanser that you already use and add Poppy Seeds to make a scrub.   I think this would work fantastic in a cream cleanser!

Poppy seed face wash

First I took the Poppy Seeds and sent them for a whirl in my Coffee grinder to break them up a little.  You can also do this in a food processor or in a plastic bag with a rolling pin.  You just want to break them up enough so that you don’t have all whole seeds.  You don’t want to make them a powder, it only took a second in the grinder.

The amount of Poppy Seeds you use is totally up to you.  Make it your own.  If  you want it to be more exfoliating, add more seeds.  I used about 1-2 Tablespoons of Poppy Seeds.

I added the Poppy Seed mixture to the Castile Soap and placed in a squeeze bottle.

This is the finished scrub.

Face Scrub Diy

A word of caution as with any face scrub keep away from eyes.  I hope you guys enjoyed this easy scrub recipe.

Let me know if you give it a try with your favorite face wash!






  1. Claire Henderson says:

    I am definitely going to try this recipe out! So easy to make and because its natural there is less chance my skin will flare up because of the chemicals used. Thank you for sharing.

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