Michael’s 2 dollar Grab Bags. Saved $82 dollars

I was in Michael’s earlier today and they have grab bags for $2.00.  A grab bag is multiple items placed in a bag at the set price of $2.00.  I purchased multiple bags and most of the individual items in the bag retail at $1.50 each.  One bag I counted had 56 items in one bag.  That was a savings of $82.00 Dollars!

If they have the grab bags at your store they will most likely be near the front of the store.  This is pictures of some of the things that came in the bags!

grab bags 4th 016

This is one opened.

grab bags 4th 009

The items are amazing.

grab bags 4th 031

So make sure to give your store a call or visit.  These will sell out very quickly!!




    • tr8smith@yahoo.com says:

      I would try giving them a call. They may have some. 🙂 I think it’s hit or miss depending on how much they have left to move out of the store for fall.
      I think they are clearing out summer items to make room for fall items.
      I just found out about these grab bags this year! I can’t believe what I have been missing.

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