Improve Your Side Hustle or Business With Pokemon Go!

Tips to Improve Side Hustle With Pokemon Go!

I know some are you are wondering why I would want to talk about Pokemon Go on a Frugal Living Blog.  The answer is that over the years I have had to come up with ways to make money while staying at home with my kids.  That requires thinking outside of the box sometimes. I know you are still wondering why Pokemon, but stay with me. Pokemon Go has literally changed the way everyone views and plays phone games. The game is so huge right now and can be helpful to whatever endeavor you are working on. Pokemon Go can be used by anyone whether you are just having a yard sale or if you own a million dollar company.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can use Pokemon Go to Improve your side hustle or business.  I’m not going to go into the basics of the game because that would be and entirely different post.  I want to talk about what in the game you can use.

Let’s talk about “Lures”.  Lures are an amazing tool that can be used in the game. In the game you can purchase lures.   The function of the lure is to draw Pokemon.  Luring Pokemon in turn lures Pokemon Players.  You can use the lure at any location whether it is your home or business.

Improve your Side Hustle

You are probably wondering how this could help you with your side hustle.  This method can be used in various ways and locations.

This is some examples:

Yard Sale or Garage Sale

You can purchase lures during your sale.  Just put out signs that let people know about your sale and are catchy. For example maybe, Come Catch Pokemon and Great deals!!  Make sure to dig out any of the old Pokemon Products you have lying around from years past to unload.  You can have cold drinks and snacks for sale.

Farmers Market or Craft Show:

You would just use the same method as above and purchase lures and make signs.  Another way you can have fun with this at the Farmers Market would be to market your product for Pokemon Players.  For Example,  if your item for sale is soap then name the soap after a Pokemon or make Team Soaps.  Think outside the box and cater it to whatever you are selling.

Flea Market:

Also same method as  before purchase lures and advertise.  An Example, if you are selling cell phone chargers and accessories advertise. Make signs that say, Make sure to catch them all get your chargers!

Your Brick and Mortar Business:

This same method of purchasing lures to draw Pokemon can be used at your business as well.  For example if you own a restaurant or bakery you can purchase lures during lunch hour to draw Pokemon.  That in turn will draw customers.  You can name your special that day after a certain Pokemon or something catchy.  If you have outlet’s available you can set up charging stations for customers to use. Make it a fun part of your business.   Lures really do not cost much in terms of advertising.

For now I wanted to keep it simple and give some ideas of how you can use Pokemon Go to make money. What do you guys think?  Did you find this helpful? If you did, let me know.  I have tons of other ideas if you would like for me to write more on Pokemon Go.



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