Good Target Clearance Deals Spotted!

I was in Target earlier today and we spotted some awesome deals in several different sections.  The section that I noticed with the most clearance deals was the toy section.  Now is a perfect time to buy Birthday and Christmas Presents.  This is some of the deals I spotted.

Target dolls

The prices on the dolls ranged from $2.48 to 19.98

This is a picture of some of the items for boys.

target boy toys

The price on the clearance toys will continue to drop.  They are about to reset the toy section with Toys that will be available for Christmas. If you do see something that your child just loves, I would recommend picking it up early.  The best selection of the toys will go fast.

I spotted some other items in other sections as well.  Mostly summer items.

target clearance

One last thing.  Make sure to always check the meat section to see if they have anything marked down.  It is normally hit or miss, but it doesn’t hurt to check.  This is what I found!

meat target

The discount ranged from $1.00-$4.00 off.

What are some of your favorite ways to save at Target?



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