Custom Dollar Tree Doll Furniture


Today I am going to show you how I updated some Doll Furniture that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Untitled design

I was in Dollar Tree when I spotted this cute doll furniture.


They offer several different pieces to choose from.  I decided to pick up the table and a chest of drawers.  I had an idea that I could paint them and add more color.  I have tons of nail polish that I have purchased from a local flea market for .50cents each. I thought these colors would make a great combination.

Polish For Doll House

I started with the pink on top.

Custom Dollar Tree Table

Then I decided to make the legs blue.  I ended up with three coats of pink paint, and  two coats of blue. After everything dried I added a layer of glitter polish.

This is how the two pieces ended up turning out.

Table Complete

Custom Dresser

These are the perfect size for Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony. I plan on purchasing the other pieces to complete the set.

What are your favorite Dollar Store Crafts?





  1. candy says:

    You are a genius. Going to make these for christmas present. Thank you Thank you. Hope Dollar Tree has some in stock before everyone gets them.

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