Affordable Healthy Eating In The New Year!

We have been looking for ways to eat healthier this year.  We are surrounded with healthy foods in the grocery store, so why aren’t we eating the healthier foods?

The problem we run across in our quest is the cost of healthy eating.  For  example:  Say I’m in the store and need snacks for lunch this week.  It will be cheaper to purchase the generic box of  snack cakes for $1.00 compared to purchasing grapes at $2.99 lb.

We also come across the problem of healthier foods having a shorter shelf life compared to unhealthy foods.   That box of snack cakes I purchased would stay fresh for around a month, while the grapes I purchased would last around a week.   All of these things combined do make it harder to eat healthier.

It’s harder not impossible to eat healthier.

This is some tips we have found to make it more affordable to purchase healthy foods:

Shop earlier in the day if possible. Grocery stores tend to mark down produce earlier in the morning.

Shop the outside perimeter of the store. The outside aisle of the store are where produce and fresh foods are located.

Look for Bulk Beans and Spices. They often have spices and beans that they sale per lb.

Shop Local Farmers Markets when open.   When you shop your farmers market you are often getting local produce at an amazing price.

Shop Local Stores and Markets.  It gives back to your community and you can often  find amazing deals.


This is an example of a trip I took to my Local Natural Foods Market Belue Farms.

I went yesterday and spent $1.50 on all of the following items.  All of them organic except for the onion.  They have a table that is reserved for reduced produce where everything is .29cents a lb.  I found the Organic Celery Hearts in the refrigerated section.  They also had fresh organic spices marked down as well that I didn’t purchase.

I hope this gives some tips when it comes to finding more affordable healthier foods this year.  It may take some work, but it is possible to purchase healthier foods at an affordable price.

I plan on doing a later article with tons of pictures from this wonderful natural foods store.  This is the link:

They also have some items available to purchase online.

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